Virtual Free Range™

Eliminating the need for the physical space required for free-range livestock our Virtual Free Range™ gives livestock the experience of Free Range life while in the safe confines of our facility.

Free Range life, though providing a diverse diet, exercise, and socialization, is inherently stressful to the animals. It can also result in a high loss for the producer due to injuries and predation.

Virtual Free Range™ combines the physical and psychological benefits of free range life with the safety and security of conventional agriculture. Chickens are free to roam, socialize and “eat” virtual food, which appears in the virtual world where their real food trays are located.

The USDA loosely specifies the quantity of time and space required for a chicken to be considered free range. This can lead to producers allowing their chickens access to range for as little as an hour a day. Even the best intentioned producers only have so much land available to raise chickens. Virtual Free Range™ allows chickens to be truly free range with no confines on their movements about their virtual worlds.

Day and night in the virtual world are synced to the real world ensuring that chickens circadian rhythms are preserved and that maximum productivity is attained with laying hens.