New Distribution Model

Second Livestock lifts the burden on producers to seek out and negotiate with a third party to get their product to market. All producers using Second Livestock sell their products directly through our web site. When a customer logs on and makes a purchase their order is routed to the closest facility.

Unlike traditional distribution, the farmer can expect to receive the full retail cost of the chicken.* Because the chicken is Virtual Free Range the producer can charge the consumer a premium for a chicken guaranteed to have lived a happy and healthy life.

The design of our facilities allows them to be located anywhere, even in urban centers. It is even possible to retrofit an empty office building. After all, Second Livestock is modeled on human activities such as the layout of the common corporate office. A networked grid of cubicles with internet access is not far removed from the enclosures we build for our chickens. However, our chickens likely get more exercise while on the job.

*Minus a small percentage of each sale which goes to Second Livestock.