Ecologically Sound

Reducing the ecological impact of livestock production is one of our primary goals. Our Waste Zero™ production facilities are designed with the intention of creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. Water is filtered and recycled before being used to irrigate the living roof. Air filtration systems ensure that the smells associated with high density livestock production are eliminated allowing facilities to be built in urban centers. This proximity to the consumer dramatically reduces the fuel used to bring the chicken to market. Each structure is composed of a stack of prefabricated “platters.” By prefabricating the facilities we can tightly control construction waste. All electronic systems are built using the most efficient components available. Heat generated by the animals and machinery is put to use to heat or cool the building as needed.

At Second Livestock we believe that every output should generate profit rather than consume it. For example, Animal waste is processed and packaged on site for sale as a boutique, organic fertilizer that our farmers can sell at a premium.

Rich, fully-processed chicken manure packaged for sale.