Free Range™

Eliminating the need for the physical space required for free-range livestock our Virtual Free Range™ gives livestock the experience of Free Range life while in the safe confines of our facility.


A deep concern for the welfare of livestock animals is at the heart of Second Livestock. Our Animal Computer Interfaces and Virtual Environments are tailored to meets the needs and desires of each species.

An Agricultural

Second Livestock represents a profound shift in the conventional agricultural paradigm. By adopting cutting edge technology we have revolutionized animal husbandry creating significant gains for producers, consumers and livestock.


Our facilities are designed with the intention of creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. Click on the link below to learn more about our Waste Zero policy.

New Distribution Model

The design of our facilities allows them to be located anywhere, even in urban areas. Consumers can go online and interact with a particular animal in the virtual world in the morning and have it delivered to their door the same afternoon. Producers sell directly to the consumer.


Animal Husbandry has entered the Digital Age. Second Livestock rethinks the agricultural experience from the ground up leading to gains for the producer, consumer, and livestock.