An Agricultural Revolution

Second Livestock rethinks the agricultural experience from the ground up leading to gains for producers, consumers, and livestock. Following the trend for humanity to live in an ever more virtual and augmented reality we offer animals the same sense of safe freedom. Equating the needs and desires of consumers, producers, and livestock our technology propels animal husbandry into the digital age.

Our focus on the needs of the animals and trends in consumer demand for humanely farmed chicken has not led us to neglect the needs of the producer. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred. Our technology allows farmers to charge a premium for Virtual Free Range™ products, while at the same time being able to sell directly to the consumer eliminating the middleman.

Our Waste Zero™ facilities have a small physical footprint allowing for an increased production density. These facilities also make it simple to package and sell organic chicken waste as fertilizer, or use it to fertilize their other crops. Though some energy input is required, Waste Zero™ facilities are built to be highly efficient.

The sensors attached to the chickens that allow them to move in the virtual world can also send alert emails to producers if the activity level of an individual bird is substandard; allowing for a rapid response and improved loss prevention.

Each animal enclosure has independent air filtration to keep communicable diseases and parasites to a minimum reducing the need for veterinary costs and the need to feed antibiotics to an entire population of chickens.

The burden of finding consumers for your product falls on us. Consumers create a user account on our web portal and are automatically routed to the nearest facility that has mature birds. They place their order and we push it to you.

We maintain ownership of the facilities and charge a small percentage of each sale in exchange. This removes the technological administration burden from producers. We will make repairs, apply software updates, and upgrade hardware to keep your facilities up-to-date and efficient.

With our Virtual Free Range™, Waste Zero™ facilities, and Direct-to-Consumer online sales Second Livestock makes animal husbandry more humane, efficient, and profitable.